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Student, dog-lover and bookworm | Twitter: @kalyani_puranik

A short story against bullying

They tormented her every day. Sometimes they would eat her lunch, sometimes they would put stuff in it that makes it impossible for anyone to eat it. Sometimes they would steal her stuff and sometimes insult her parents. They would laugh as tears streamed down…

A reminder to appreciate all the women in your life

She stopped living for herself long ago

Sleep is an alien word

For her kin and kind

She gave her whole world

Her career is moving

But like a turtle slow

Even on her worst days

She made none…

Meera sat exhausted on the platform bench. her colourful bangles tinkled as she wiped her sweat against her scarf. She was waiting for her train which was leaving in two hours she put on her headphones and was just about to relax when she heard scuffling beside her, she turned…

To all the people out there who feel insecure about themselves, you don’t need to, you are awesome the way you are!

I am funny

I am tough

But sometimes I think

This is not enough

I’m not pretty

Or dainty, or slim

I don't sport makeup

Like Kylie or Kim

I’m don’t have long legs

I don’t keep my nails long

My dancing is awful

I can’t sing a song

But when I look into the mirror

All I ever see

Not blemishes but imperfections

That make me, me

My fingertips try to grab on

Slipping in shadows slow

The fear of losing you

Keeps me from letting go

My heart beats faster

A part of me ripped away

At the very same time

That I knew I have to go away

Terror flashes in timid eyes

Tears at the brim

It's like I’m drowning

But I cannot swim

Horror gripping my soul

But one thought deep inside

I could have evaded this separation

Only if I had tried…

This is just the beginnig…

The leaves rusted as the moon shone upon the path. The crystal clear water of the like a diamond reflecting light. Eva sat with her legs dipped in the cool water, the breeze played with her long unbound hair. She was deep in thought, her…

A story of a girl who lost her mother

When I stick my hand out

The wind clings to it

The breeze dusts the bench

Every time I sit

The night, like my kohl

Has an exhilaration of its own

When I sit by a tree

Its roots make me a throne

When I’m sad

The moon flashes me a smile

When I don’t want the day to end

The sun stops awhile

The trees dance

When I am happy

The summer seems dull

When my mood is snappy

Even with me gone

Her remains buried away

She never once fails

To make my day

The pages of the calendar

Turn every month

The days turn into nights

The weeks turn into months

But I still sit still

Unawoken from the shock

The sorrow of your leaving

Built like a heavy rock

My limbs are numb

Only one thing remains

The fact that you left me

Alone with unwavering stains

My eyes are empty

My lips chant your name

Tears trickle down my cheeks

Each filled with pain

Every time I cry

Your silence answers me

Every time I call out

I am filled with agony

I look mournfully

At all your things

All the gifts you gave me

From teddy-bears to rings

I’m sorry, mi amor

But without you I’m hollow

I just sit fazing

Hoping one day I will follow

A poem dedicated to my best friend, brother and pet, Rex

You are my sunshine

You are my rain

You are my energy

You are my drain

You are my morning

You are my night

You are my damsel

You are my knight

When you are around me

I know everything will be fine

No matter what happens

You’ll always stay mine

Photo by Mathew Schwartz on Unsplash

I want to be free

From my responsibilities

I want to be free

From tomorrows possibilities

I want to run away

From my insecurities

I want to forget

All of my worries

The list is long

Of the things I want to do

But none will be possible

Only this holds true

I wait for the day

For when I will be freed

From the cruel world

From the endless greed

Kalyani Puranik

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